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The Difference Between Car Detailing Vs Car Washing

Car detailing is a more thorough, in-depth, version of a regular car wash. A car detail is not only focused on cleaning the car but also reconditioning and occasionally restoration, such as light cosmetic work. The difference between a car wash and a car detail is unrecognizable. While hand car washes are faster and cheaper than a detail, a total detail will clean and recondition your car to showroom quality. 

The exterior of your car is more delicate than you might think. The car’s paint and coating can be easily scratched and chipped. Often after a hand car wash swirl marks appear on the sides of a car. These are micro-scratches caused by the abrasive power brushes and harsh rags used to wipe down a car as it exits the tunnel. 


Professional auto detailers usually take the cars care and longevity into further consideration when working on a car. At Autoglow Detailing we do our best to recondition and restore the paint colour of your car and remove imperfection

Pre-Sale Detail

A vehicle that looks and feels like new is more attractive to potential buyers. Autoglow Detailing’s comprehensive detailing services, including paint correction, wax application, and interior rejuvenation, elevate your vehicle’s market appeal, potentially leading to a quicker sale and a higher selling price.

What’s Included ?


Allow 1.5 – 2 Days

PLEASE NOTE:   This Package can be customised to suite your budget and needs.

The Refresh

This is the Ideal Package for those vehicles that are looking a little tired and requires some extra attention to detail to really give it a good refresh and bring the glow back.

What’s Included ?


Allow 1 Day

PLEASE NOTE: This Package can be customised to suit your budget and needs

Enthusiast Detail

This package has been crafted to give those Old Schools classics, Muscle cars, High End Super cars, Sports cars or whatever Pride & Joy you have, that head turning GLOW that you’re after.


Whether you’re looking to show it off at a car show, car’s & coffee meet or a weekend cruise, this is the package for you.

What’s Included ?

Allow 1-2 Days

PLEASE NOTE:  This Package can be customised to suite your budget and needs.